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We are pleased to announce that San Francisco Superior Court has Selected One Hour Delivery Service as the only East Bay based Company to provide:

San Francisco E-Filing Services

One Hour Delivery’s New San Francisco E-Filing Rates and Services!

  • San Francisco E-Filing Services:
    • E-filing or E-Service                                 $39.95 (unlimited pages)
    • Courtesy Copy delivered with E-Filing $49.95 (delivered by 1:30pm the following business day)(unlimited pages)
  • Fax Filings – starting at $80 to most courts in the state of California (cut-off time is 1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.)
  • Writ of Executions – from $90 – $130
  • Opposing Counsel Drops – offered to the entire state of California

Court Fees Advanced for 10% or $3.00 if fees are less than $30.00

If you send an e-filing to us and do not receive a confirmation of receipt email within 15 minutes, please call us to make sure we received it.

Send E- filings to: or

Contact Us: 888-311-1221