Frequent Delivery Club Rules

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    Frequent Delivery Club Rules:

    1. Points are awarded for purchase of deliveries.
    2. One point (1) will be given for every Rush or Super delivery. One fourth point (.25) will be given for each Bike Rush or Bike Super delivery. No points are given for Economy or Bike Economy.
    3. Points will begin to accumulate in your Frequent Delivery Club account following receipt of your membership application.
    4. All Frequent Delivery Club members with 2 current deliveries will be mailed a monthly summary, showing your recent activity and point balance.
    5. Points redeemed for gifts, travel, entertainment, or gift certificates will be deducted from your total accumulated points.
    6. Points are redeemable for gifts shown in the current Frequent Delivery Club brochure only.
    7. All gifts are subject to availability and One Hour Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to substitute gifts at its discretion.
    8. Point values for travel gifts are based on double occupancy, availability and season of the year.
    9. Gifts and point values are subject to change without notice. Points have no cash value and are not transferable.
    10. One Hour Delivery Service, Inc. has the right to make the final decision in all disputes regarding the Frequent Felivery Club.
    11. One Hour Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to alter or terminate the program with or without notice.
    12. The gift program is void where prohibited by your employer’s policy or applicable law.
    13. No exchanges or returns are allowed. All defective merchandise must be returned directly to the store or manufacturer.
    14. One Hour Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to refuse redemption of points on past-due or delinquent accounts.
    15. An individual or company receiving gifts totaling $600 or more of value during a calender year will receive an IRS 1099 miscellaneous income form (Internal Revenue Code 6041-A).
    16. A Frequent Delivery Club account having no activity for six months will be closed and the points will be forfeited.

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