Concord, California Process Service.

Concord, California Process Service

Process Service you can trust. Our registered process servers will complete the service you need for all types of documents. Our Concord Process Servers take special care to efficiently and affordably serve your legal documents to the correct recipients. Our process servers do more than just deliver legal paperwork; they have an adept understanding of legal requirements and legislation in the areas they serve. As such, they adhere to judicial requirements to ensure the success of your case.

Statewide Filing and Process Service

We work in every courthouse in Concord and the state of California. We offer process services in all counties and cities. We have a team of legal experts ready to help with whatever you need.

Professional Process Servers and Court Abstractors

One Hour Legal Services receives cases from law firms throughout the country for service on corporations and individuals nationwide. Once cases are received we attempt service on defendants within 72 hours of receipt for all Rush jobs and often within 24 hours. Upon completion of service, we provide your firm with a professional proof of service for each entity served.

Professional File and Serve Solutions

One Hour Legal Services specializes in service of process. We have professional process servers and court abstractors in every county and major city in California.

One Hour Legal Services receives cases from law firms throughout the country for service on corporations and individuals nationwide. Once cases are received, we attempt service on defendants within 72 hours of receipt for all rush jobs, and upon completion of service we provide your firm with a court approved proof of service for each entity served.

Skip Tracing

One Hour Legal Service is the go to place for Skip Tracing. We will locate the hard to find people with our thorough investigations and current databases that update daily. We are able to provide detailed information to help with process services, collections and essential investigations. Our results find last known locations, telephone numbers, assets, liens, bankrupticies, postal records, fraud history and more.

We Specialize in the following Service of Process:

  • Service Daily On Registered Agents
  • Service On California Corporations
  • Service On Secretary of State
  • Service On Records Custodians
  • Service On Defendants, Respondents, Witnesses
  • Discounts for Multiple Services at the Same Address at the Same Time
  • Statewide Service of Process
  • Postal Inquiry
  • Skip Tracing
  • Writ of Execution
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Eviction Notices

Ultimate Process Service PackageFind Anyone, Anywhere & Get Them Served Includes SkipTrace, PO Check, 4 Hours of Stakeouts, 2 Addresses, Attempts Made within 24 Hours & Proof Filed for $1,250.00

Nationwide Process Service

One Hour Delivery offers convenient nationwide process service as well as local California service. Wherever you are, our professional process servers will ensure your legal documents are served on the appropriate receiver anywhere in the country at the time and place you need them.

Note: All costs of a registered process service are recoverable Sec. 1032.8 CCP.

  • Process Services starting at only $80.00 per defendant, per address in most of Contra Costa & Alameda County
    • The following remote cities are slightly more: $90 for Fremont, Livermore, Union City, Bethel Island, Byron, Discovery Bay, or Knightsen.
    • We Offer Process Services for Lawyers and individuals throughout California. We accept papers for service anywhere in the United States and Most International locations.
    • We are experts at Last Minute Drop Everything Process Serving!
    • Registered, Licensed, and very experienced for all types of Process Service Documents and all manner of serving hard to reach individuals and corporations. For Process Service we have an entire department dedicated to just this service – Call our Process Service Department Directly at (925) 947-3470
    • For San Francisco, Santa Clara, & San Mateo County prices start at $95.00 – Most major counties in California start at $90.00 and Remote Fees apply to outer counties from $25-$60
    • Out of California Locations start at $145.00
    • All Routine Serves are attempted within 3 business days and we guarantee 5 attempts.
    • Rush Serves are attempted within 24-72 hours for an additional $35
    • Same Day Rush Serves are attempted today (deadline is 2:30pm) for an additional $45.00
    • After 2:30pm Same Day Rush Serves are not guaranteed but can be attempted (deadline depends on location) for an additional $90.00
    • Enter Your Process Service Order Online.

Send us your Service Documents via Email or visit our office:

Email Your Documents to or visiting our office at 2920 Camino Diablo #100 in Walnut Creek. For Law Firms we also offer complementary pick up services in Walnut Creek and a small pick up charge for other East Bay Locations.

Contact our San Francisco Legal Courier Services Department:

Our Legal Courier Services Department is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Contact us at, or call (888) 311-1221 for questions about our San Francisco legal courier services. We look forward to providing you the best legal & process services available.